Gold's Gym


Gold’s Gym wanted to make inroads into the South Florida (specifically Miami) market. Now as we all know, beach bodies are a thing down there – but that being the case, fitness centers are also a thing down there. So how does an old school gym stand out amongst fitness clubs? By pointing out the differences between a real gym and a fitness club (emphasis on club). You see, Gold’s was founded on and still adheres to the image of bodybuilding; a place where people who are serious about exercise, fitness and transformation can be found.

So with that in mind, we developed a print campaign that spoke to the Hispanic population and fitness as a religious experience (nearly 68% of their targeted demographic) and then retail-driven pushes that spoke to the female audience. Just for the heck of it, we tossed in a bunch of guerrilla installations. Seriously though, they were not part of the brief but mad fun to do.