Aruba Tourism


In recent years, the once bustling island of Aruba had become eerily quiet. And as a community whose livelihood was based on the hospitality and tourism business, Aruba needed that to change – fast. One thing many potential tourists weren’t aware of was what made Aruba different – the essence of this small island wasn’t something you could buy, sell or even imitate. And as we got to know the island and its people a bit better, it became clear that what set this tiny community apart from other destinations was seen in the faces of those who had called it home, generation after generation. With that, we set off developing a campaign that highlighted the local flavor of the island and placed a friendly, inviting face on it. The ads introduced the reader to a “local” and set them up as someone you feel like you have known for years – but just haven’t met yet. Someone with a great story to tell and who’s more than willing to invite you into their lives and become a part of their “One Happy Island”.