Fury by Crocs


Fury by Crocs was a flash (read: developed, marketed and sold off – just like that. Fast.) youth hockey equipment manufacturer established in an “off-the-cuff” marketing effort to save the fledgling Crocs Footwear brand. While initial sales were literally record-breaking (whether you loved them or hated them, bet you knew somebody who was wearing them), follow-up sales were not happening, “thanks” to the almost indestructible nature of the shoes themselves; people just couldn’t wear them out (turns out the proprietary material Croslite that made Crocs so revolutionary was also its Achille’s heel). That said, Crocs were at the risk of becoming extinct. With this slowing of sales, the Company knew they needed new styles to appeal to a wider range of consumer. But until this could happen, they needed an interim solution to keep the company afloat. The answer: Fury, hockey gear for youth hockey players. Wha’? Yeah, that’s right – hockey gear. Crocs’ selling points of being lightweight, impact-absorbing, long-lasting, anti-bacterial and odor-resistant were perfect for the underlying skeleton for hockey pads. And so it was. The introduction and successful sales run of Fury (seen at bottom of examples) saved the day.